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Simply install this battery cut-off switch on the negative post of your top post battery, then attach your battery cable to the back of the switch and you are finished! To engage power just hand tighten the green knob and just slightly loosen the green knob to disconnect all power. The green knob can also be completely removed and the vehicle can not be started this will discourage theft or unauthorized use.

Fits 6 Volt & 12 Volt  top mount battery posts.

Quickly turn off the power to your automobile for safety when you servicing and working on your vehicle.

Also good for when you vehicle will be stored for long periods to avoid your battery running down and fire protection if a rodent would chew through a wire, it can happen.

Contact Martin on 083 265 2410  Price R150

1957 Austin A90 Westminster.  Interior is brand new.  Complete re-spray and new rubbers.  All chrome has been re-done.  Registered and licensed.  R 95 000.  Contact Martin on 083 265 2410  (Posted 26 September 2014)




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Vintage Car Hire for all Occasions


Vintage Car for all Occasions  Contact Martin 083-265-2410


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(NOTE: The email addresses listed below have had the @ sign removed to prevent spam being sent to the various people.  To email the relevant person retype the email address and replace the 'at' with '@')


Austin 8 Seats in any condition.  Please call Martin 083 265 2410 (posted 9 June08)

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Fuel tank repair and relining.  Contact Henry on  011 973 4749.

Batteries: Imported 6v VARTA 305 (code E29) batteries exact fit for the A7. Guaranteed for two years. Retail outlet is Quality Batteries, 625 Ontdekkers Road, Delarey, Florida. Telephones 011 673 6702 or 079 158 9779 or 082 371 3600. Importers are Johnson Controls.

Engine Rebuild.  Colin has been involved with motor racing since 1977 and more specifically engine building for the last 30 years all around the world.  Colin also offers crack detection services for your crankshafts Conrods etc.  All rebuilt engines come with a full build sheet containing all specs, measurements and parts used.  For more information contact Colin on 084 661 0705 or email colinh2 at

Carlin Medical Extrusions.  For all vehicle rubbers that you will not get anywhere else.  126 Terrace Road, Sebenza.  Tel 011 452 8840

Hinge Master.  Suppliers of hardware for canopies, containers, trailers and truck bodies.  But they also do various door rubbers and small lights.  Contact Wynand on 011 452 2864

Battery House.  Battery Manufacturers.  Specialists in Automotive & motive power batteries.  6/8 Volt available.  Contact Farouk 033 394 1224

Specialist Restorer of Clocks and Watches.  Vintage Instrument Repairs, Temp. Gauges with tube and bulb, Oil Pressure gauges, ammeters, Speedometers, Rev Counters, Grandpa and Cuckoo Clocks, Barometers, etc.  Contact Nigel Ridley on 011 803 1319

Clips SA - All sorts of body and panel clips, as well as vehicle rubbers. 33 7th St, Linden. 011-782-8005.

Windscreens including curved glass. Contact Julian La Butte 011-366-1711 or 082-578-3825

Gaskets made to order. Bovic. 12 Ruven Rd, Benrose, Johannesburg 011-618-3790 (Pricilla)

Silencers made to specification.  Excellent service. De Graaf Exhausts.  Contact Kelly 011-609-3718

Power Coating: For all your power coating requirements call John at African Powder Coating on 011-452-3345

Springs.  Weblor Springs CC.  Situated in Edenvale, Gauteng. 011-452-8686/7

Rings made to your measurements.  Industrial Piston Ring manufacture. David Godwin. 011-622-2546

Name plates/specification plates made to order in Anodised Aluminium, brass or stainless steel. Enquiries Rusty 036-637-2401 rhearder at

Lenses (Reproduction of) contact Dukes Car Lenses.  Duke at 083-655-3657

Sir Herbet for windscreen, door or window rubbers, engine mountings, etc.  Made per sample.  Phone before 20:00 011-672-9557 or 082-403-6536

All Round Engineering: Specialising in milling, turning, splining, slotting and any other general engineering work.  Kobus Visser 011-452-1448/9

For any complicated welding work including aluminium, gear box, blocks, casings.  Phone Andy's Welding 011-609-8493 or 082-566-4749

Bearing & Equipment.  Can supply most Austin 7 bearings at short notice.  Contact Val Barrat 011-845-4186

Cablecraft. Accelerator, brake, clutch, speedometer, etc cables made to order. Kempton Park. 011-394-4865

Bullís Eye Aluminium & Engineering Services, 65 Schutte Street, Pretoria-West, for all your Non-Ferrous Castings & Engineering such as casting of door handles for old vehicles etc. Contact: Marc van der Sandt   Cell: 082 925 8220 or Boet Gouws  Cell: 082 925 8221 or Phone (012) 327 8246

Gaskets, bearings, pistons, rings, mountings, cables, globes, ignition (points, plugs, condensors, distributor caps), armatures, solenoids, brake kits, trim rings, door handles/window winders, ball joints, suspension parts, gearbox spares, water pumps, fuel pumps, pump kits, shock absorbers, brake pads, brake shoes, clutches, pressure plates, reflectors, hoses, pipes, seals, filters, carburettors and kits, and lots more.  We are situated near Sterkfontein Caves outside Krugersdorp.  Please call Hubert (Hubert's Old Motoring Equipment) 082-802-5520

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