Austin Seven Club of South Africa

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Austin Seven Clubs

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750 Motor Club

Austin 7 Club Germany

Austin 7 Owners Club London

Austin Seven Club of South Australia

Austin Seven Club of Victoria

Austin Seven Clubs Association

Cornwall Austin 7 Club

Dorset Austin Seven Club

Dutch Pre War Austin Owners Club

Essex Austin 7 Club

Heritage Motor Centre

Vintage Sports Car Club


Other Austin Sites

Listed below are websites connected with Austin Sevens that are run by enthusiasts or other organizations.
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The Austin Car (Lots of Info)

 Scott's Old Auto Rubber

 Austin Counties Car Club

 Clive Wright's 1937 Austin 7 Ruby Site

 A7 Components

Andy's Austin 7 Pages

Austin Sevens in America

Austin Works

British Car Links

Model Car Hub


The Austin 7 Motoring Pages

The Austin 7 Rumbles On

Vintage Ads

Vintage Knowledge


Other Sites
Auto Start
Motor Sport South Africa
SA Veteran and Vintage Association
Piston Ring