Austin Seven Club of South Africa

Incorporating all models of Austin Cars


  • The Austin Seven Club of South Africa welcomes as members anyone who owns or has an interest in Austin Cars.
  • Meetings are held, at approximately monthly intervals, in the Gauteng area and also at various times in the Cape Town and Kwa-Zulu Natal areas.
  • Members are always encouraged to use their cars

On this site we will share with you our cars, our events, information and our experiences.

  • Do you want to SAVVA date your vehicle?  Download the form by CLICKING HERE.  Once you have completed the form, please submit it to the committee.
  • MEMBERS ONLY Page.  This page will have an archive of past and current newsletters.  We will also publish materials on this page that are only relevant to members.  All Members will receive a password to access this section.

Technical Tip - Petrol Additives

When changing from LRP petrol to the readily available Unleaded Petrol, it is recommended  to use an additive such as Wynn's Valveguard.

SAVVA Vehicle Classification

In order to bring the SAVVA vehicle classification in line with international standards, the classes are listed below:

Class A Ancestor Built prior to 31 December 1904
Class B Veteran Built between 1 January 1905 & 31 December 1918
Class C Vintage Built between 1 January 1919 & 31 December 1930
Class D Post Vintage Built between 1 January 1931 & 31 December 1945
Class E Post War Built between 1 January 1946 & 31 December 1960
Class F Post 60 Built between 1 January 1961 & 31 December 1970
Class G Post 70 Built between 1 January 1971 & the SAVVA age

If you would like more information or would like to join our club, contact our Secretary or the respective area representative.  To download a Member Application form CLICK HERE.


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